B6/B6.1/B6.2/B6.3/B6.4 Midwest Modified Mounting Kit #915


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Product Overview

Midwest Modified Mounting Kit for B6/B6.1/B6.2/B6.3/B6.4
-This kit includes all hardware and body posts necessary to mount any Midwest Modified body.
-The Front mount uses our tried and true shock tower brace paired with the adjustable mounting plate. The bumper is an extended length to fit tight underneath and behind the nose and provide support without needing a "push" bumper. Vertical mounts will pin the side of the nose and keep air flowing to the deck for a clean and efficient look.
-The Mid mount includes 2 sets of mounting holes for use with any brand of body. This allows you to mount support posts under the hood area on one piece bodies or add an additional set of 2.5" body posts to utilize a two piece body where the nose is left on the car.
-The Rear mount uses the stock buggy wing mounts flipped upside down for a durable and clean look.
***Mounting Kit Only***
Pictured assembled for example only, will need installed.
There are 2 options for this item. Please select the correct option for your needs:
-Full mounting kit: will have all parts needed to mount a Midwest Modified body on a B6 / B6.1 / B6.2 buggy
-Conversion kit: parts needed to use an existing McAllister Racing Street Stock mounting kit and convert to run a Midwest Modified body


(No reviews yet) Write a Review