Port Royal Sprint Body (Complete with Wings) #750


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Product Overview

This body was designed for use on medium to low grip tracks where more downforce is needed. More downforce helps keep the car planted and offers the maximum grip. The dished wings give you that "stuck" feeling to keep your car "in the track". If you are looking for a body with more steering or for higher grip tracks, check out the #430 Placerville Sprint Body
-Complete Sprint body set for Custom Works v2 Cage
-Includes: Pre-cut and drilled nose (#440), Streamline hood (#438-S), Pre-Cut and drilled side panels (#432-M), Tail tank (#759), Exhaust headers (#402), **4.5"x3" Large front wing kit (#753), and *7x7 Top wing kit (#755). 
-Will come clear and unpainted with overspray film 
-All formed body parts are made from .030 Lexan, body sides are made from .020 Lexan
-Extremely durable design
-Easy to assemble with easy to see cut lines and dimples marked for screw holes
*Top wing kit includes #755: Center section (7x7), left and right side panels, 20 black nylon screws and nuts (#463-B), wing mounts (#754), and one pair of .030 wing braces (#441)
**Large Front wing kit includes #753: Center section, 2 side panels, 7 black nylon screws and nuts, and front wing mount.
(If you would like more information on the specifics of the wings, please see their listings)
-Made in the USA with 100% USA materials 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review