The SHAKER 60’s Chevelle 10.25" wide #327


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This new aged classic dubbed “The SHAKER” will be pounding the ground as it makes it way to the top of the podium. At over 10" wide, this is McAllister’s wildest street stock to date and aimed to fit the modern lineup of 1/10th scale buggies.

Modeled after the highly loved 1960’s Chevelle with a modern twist. This body includes a molded spoiler that contours to the rear of the body, creating a seamless connection.

-RC Chili Bowl Approved

-This is a clear body that includes window masks and outer overspray film

-Made in the USA  from .040 genuine American made Lexan©

-Detail decals included

    *Not made for short course (SLASH)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review