Stand Up Carbon Fiber Battery Locator #716


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Product Overview

-This Carbon Fiber Stand Up battery hold down kit will allow you to stand up your battery on any Custom Works car (Sprint or Late Model Chassis)
-Battery holders are offset to move weight left, or right on the chassis
-Does not require a sprint car cage to tie the battery down
-Allows battery charging in the car or quick and easy removal to charge in a Lipo Safe container
-All metric hardware
-The parts are CNC milled from American Made carbon fiber to be durable and lightweight
-Works well with both shorty and LCG shorty packs
-Includes extra o-ring (3 o-rings total in each kit)
-Kit includes:
-2 Carbon Fiber Battery Locators (Made for standard shorty pack batteries, not slim or thick)
-3 Industrial o rings
-4 Black anodized aluminum standoffs
-Necessary hardware to install
All parts of this kit are proudly Made in the USA


(No reviews yet) Write a Review