The SLAMMER Body for Midget #760


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Product Overview

This body isn't just breaking the mold, it's Slammin' it into next week. The newest lineup in the McAllister stable is "The SLAMMER" and it's here to make an impression! This body brings together the realistic looks and aerodynamic advantage of the full sized cars that they are modeled after.

-The body is made to specifically fit our #421 Flip Cage for Midget.

-The hood design has two body clip locations for easy battery charging without removing the cage.

-There are 2 variations for this body. Select if you want a hood for a Stand Up or Laydown style chassis as the hood designs will be slightly different to clear the shocks.

Body kit includes:

-Pre-drilled and cut side panels, hood, and visor

-Our #759 1/10 Narrow Tail Tank

-#422 Midget Exhaust Header

-#423 Midget Engine

**Body will have pre drilled holes for our #761 Midget Exhaust header and #762 Midget Engine. These items are included with the Body Kit and are available separately**








(No reviews yet) Write a Review